Josh & Joe

PennWhitebread: FYI you were wrong - he's called me an HIV infected whore and told me to go fuck myself
PennWhitebread: that's help i guess
Joe: huh?
PennWhitebread: Tom
Joe: he said that to ya?
PennWhitebread: this morning he told me i probably got it from someone else and i'm an hiv infected whore
PennWhitebread: yes
PennWhitebread: and that tonight instead of talking to me he's going out drinking
Joe: Josh...u need to get outta his house, it should have happened long ago.....its causin both of u soooo many problems
PennWhitebread: you know what joe he has a fucking obligation
Joe: ur pregnant???
PennWhitebread: he's so fucking concerned about himself and his emotions
PennWhitebread: he can get over the pain
PennWhitebread: i can't
PennWhitebread: i live with this forever
PennWhitebread: how the fuck is that equitable
PennWhitebread: and then on top of it to call me a whore?
Joe: josh...all i can say is u need to get out and get ur life together
Joe: yellin at Tom isnt gonna change what happened....
PennWhitebread: oh so let's all play nice and act like it never happened
PennWhitebread: gareat
Joe: im not sayin that at all
Joe: but rehashin it isnt helpin u
Joe: what are ya gonna do now?? u cant take it back
PennWhitebread: he actually told me to get closure with it - i just found out weeks ago and i'm supposed to just get over it
Joe: it sucks, its terrible but its not a death sentence....
PennWhitebread: oh really?  because without a place to iron my suits and live and go to work i lose my job
PennWhitebread: and my health insurance
Joe: i soo would tell ur parents, u need support
PennWhitebread: and until i develop full blown aids, no state assistance
PennWhitebread: so.
Joe: so...we're back to where we were 3 weeks ago....find a place to live
PennWhitebread: if i tell my parents, they're going to call Tom
Joe: so?
PennWhitebread: so he's going to think it's some guilt trip
Joe: why do u care....ur whole focus should be 1: a place to live and 2: ur health
Joe: tell ur rents ur not stayin at if's and's or but's
Joe: its not an option
PennWhitebread: so that didn't go well calling my mother
Joe: rut roh
PennWhitebread: of course she's devastated, doesn't blame Tom but is devastated
PennWhitebread: so i really have nothing
Joe: what do u mean?
PennWhitebread: 1.  barely holding onto my job/health insurance because i'm so ovewhelmed 2.  my ex hates me and calls me a whore 3.  i got hiv from said ex 4.  my parents are incredibly sad and devastated by me
PennWhitebread: 5.  i can't talk to most friends because it indicates Toms status and i dont want to be known as an hiv infected whore
PennWhitebread: 6.  i have an overwhelming desire to just drink into oblivion
PennWhitebread: that.
Joe: not being mean but u need some serious help if thats how u feel
PennWhitebread: um ok
Joe: im being honest, please seek some help...ur overwhelmed with everything thats goin on around u
PennWhitebread: fuck it nevermind
Joe: what do u mean?
PennWhitebread: forget i said anything or told you anything
PennWhitebread: seriously
Joe: ok....doesnt solve ur problems but ok
PennWhitebread: well christ joe it's obvious i'm the problem here
Joe: ur not a problem josh....but no one can help u but u
Joe: u need to take control
PennWhitebread: i've tried to take control and it's not working.  i've tried to reason that i need a stable home environment and the stability offered by the structure of the commute and having a place where i can sort things out
PennWhitebread: to no avail
Joe: JOSH....thats not takin control
Joe: i keep tellin u, Tom's house is NOT an option...
Joe: so solve the livin place problem
Joe: i cant believe u cant find a place in UC with some college guys or girls
PennWhitebread: why the fuck would i want to live with college guys who drink or aren't mature
Joe: bc u need a roof over ur head
PennWhitebread: right.
Joe: it may not be prefect but u gotta solve that problem first
PennWhitebread: i really really need a drink
Joe: no...u dont